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Village Lefkimmi

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  • Lefkimmi is a town in southern Corfu and seat of the municipality .

    The surrounding area , which includes municipalities Lefkimmeon and Korission extends from Messonghi and the namesake river , as the southernmost tip of Corfu , the Asprokavos (so called cavo bianco Venetian era ) . The area referred to is known from medieval times called Alechimmo, the Strait of Lefkimmis had conducted the famous battle between Corinth and Athens during the Peloponnesian War . Unlike the rest of Corfu , is mountainous , has low hills covered with olive and citrus trees grown in the valleys and vineyards with wine known in Corfu. It has many villages scattered in every corner of , settlements on green background and beaches . Also has tourist areas like St. George on silver, Kavos , more traffic in the summer , the beach Marathia , the Malta Saint Barbara , the gardenia resort for peaceful vacations, Buka . There is the namesake city of Lefkimmis , an extensive settlement of many neighborhoods , such as Riglades , the Anaplades , Saints Theodore, The river channel , and Melikia .
    Lefkimi is Lake Korission connected by a narrow channel to the sea . Near the cape is the Arkoudila , an old monastery . Lefkimmi has a port that serves a lot of people connected to the port of Igoumenitsa . Lefkimi saltpans are very good quality salt. In the surrounding area are still Boukari that offers fresh fish , and the mountain village of Pale . The Lefkimmiots have a special dialect and local clothing. On the streets you will encounter women to carry a balance pots on the head .

    photos: panoramio, Manos Spyridakis, Apostolos J. Doulias

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