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Village Gastoyri

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  • The Gastoyri village is 12 km from the center of Corfu and hosts near the famous Achillion, the palace built by Princess Elizabeth (Sissy), after a visit to Corfu in order to depart from the intrigues of the court of Hamburg, who were tired.

    Fairs are on 23 August of the Virgin Mary and the Leader of the Epiphany.

    For swimming you can go on the promenade south, leading to Benitses.

    Great historic village, which is home to the palace of Princess Sissy. Destination Corfiot all wealthy families so that the visitor can admire magnificent stately homes which holidayed the best families of the era.

    The palace and the presence of Princess Sissy made the party the number one destination for elite Corfu.

    You can be advised by the map to get direction.

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