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Varkarola Festival "Odyssey" Palaiokastritsa

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  • Every year, crowds of people gathered on the beach of Paleokastritsa to attend this spectacular event. The legend says that the God of the sea, Poseidon emerged from the depths of the sea and angry because Odysseus blinded his son, the Cyclops Polyphemus, created a terrible storm resulting in Odysseus's ship to run aground on the beautiful beaches of Corfu. There he met the Princess Nausicaa, who sat with the nannies of the coast. After their meeting,  Nausicaa took Odysseus  in the Palace to take care of him and his men and  to meet them to her father King Alkinoo and her mother, Queen Arete. At the Palace, Odysseus said the beautiful story and the events that occurred from the moment he left Troy, ten years ago. The Phaeacians , the first Corfiots, provided him with a large ship so he can sail back to his homeland of Ithaca, and to his beloved Penelope, who with great patience waited for Odysseus to return from the Trojan war, 20 years.

    The program of events opens beautiful cheerleaders that make parade on the street of the beach and then follow many bands of Corfu, playing beautiful sounds.  The spectacle steals the representation of the shipwreck disaster of Odysseus with many ships gathered near the coast and adds a unique sense of another era.

    After the end of the representation made dozens of fireworks turning night into day and also a great Beach party with loud music is held, until the early morning hours.  

    The event starts at 8: 30 and attendance is free. 


    Tip: Because of the increased traffic at that time it would be good to arrive early at the point to make it easier to move and to find parking more easily.

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    • υπεροχή εκδήλωση στα μαγευτικά νερά της παλαιοκαστρίστας. φωτογραφικό υλικο απο https://www.facebook.com/nils.steen.7/media_set?set=a.10155970782325078&type=3&pnref=story

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