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The Andes (Andecavi)

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  • Charles A' of Anjou in Corfu requires a new management style. Sets a representative Viceroy and divides the island into four administrative regions (Mount, Round, Middle and Lefkimmis). The governor of each region called Vail. At the same time, the large estates, "timar" granted to the barons of Provence and Italy. Thus, the established feudal system of Western Europe, according to which farmers inhabitants are essentially serfs. The Angevins, and serve the interests of their ally Pope, trying to impose Catholicism on the island, affecting variously the religious feelings of the locals. With the abolition of the office of Bishop and assigned to a position of lower grade prelate with the title of Grand Protopapas humiliate the Orthodox Church. Convert many Orthodox and Catholic churches in the metropolitan church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the Old Fortress, located on the highest point of the city, is no exception. It would probably be inappropriate to say that the locals are not randomly select the highest peak on the island, the mountain of "Almighty" to start there in 1347 the great monastery, and semantically interpreted as a reaction to the loss of the great temple in the Metropolitan top of the Old Fortress. Until today this monastery highly respected and appreciated by the people of Corfu, while the celebration on August 6 always honored with six-day festival. At the end of that period and then gradually moving the Jews out of the Old Fortress in the "Borgo" and their installation in Kampiello, the first Jewish neighborhood on the hill opposite the Antivouniotissa known from the sources as "Ovriovouni '. 

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