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Temple of Saint Ioannis the Precursor

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  • The temple of Saint Ioannis the Precursor, like the other churches of Kerkyra, belongs to the type of one-aisle royal churches with α wooden tiled roof. The church was built in the 15th century (1480) and the exterior is simple without shutters in the windows. Characteristic architectural elements of the temple are the bell tower and the roof in stages.

    The interior of the temple has some characteristic elements like the “ourania” (ceiling), which was painted by Sp. Sperantzas in 1773, as well as the pulpit, which after the request of Nikiforos Theotokis, was placed on the right side of the temple in order that when he preached, he would be turned to the crowd. The marble chancel screen is decorated with eminent works of Eptanesian Schools of Painting of Georgios Chrysoloras, Tzenos and Emmanouel Bouniali-Tzanne. Other appreciable work that are in the holy temple of Saint Ioannis the Precursor is the Crucifixion of Sperantza, precisely above the Despotic throne, the Epitaph, the Assumption of Virgin Mary and other icons of the temple. Saint Ioannis the Precursor of Kerkyra was one of the first Cathedral Temples of the Great Head Priests. The most distinguished priests that served in this temple were Nikiforos Theotokis and Anastasios Avlonitis.

    The church honours the Saint Ioannis the Precursor with a feast on 29 August. The temple is also dedicated to Saint Paraskevi and Saint Dionysios. 

    source:  http://www.corfuchurches.com/

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