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Square St. Helens

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  • Inside the ensemble of Kampielo, between the narrow and winding alleyways, appear unexpectedly openings, small squares or small plateaus, effectively acting as a distribution hub in traffic of two ways and three ways roads. Many of these plateaus are created in front of churches and some have stone wells at their center. This unique, for the Greek data setting, has a ratio of, the peculiar development of the web of Venice with small campi / squares stone wells typically have at their center. Square or St. Helens Kyropoulas, enclosed by tall buildings front, appears in front of us, whether by road Philharmonic us an introduction into the alleyways of Kampielo, the "skalinada" street Dousmani either from Butrint road through a small portico. The enclosed square St Helena with tall palm in center, looks more charming inner courtyard despite public square.

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