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Sokraki Village

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  • The Sokraki Village , a traditional village surrended by green fields is located 23km. from the town of Corfu and 450m altitude. Traditional houses in the center of the village offer a sense of another era . In the ridge of mountain Korakiou, overlooking the northern Ionian and Adriatic will live an unforgettable experience.
    Also worth visiting the restored gun emplacement , built by Germans in the period 1943-1944 , which exploded on exit from Greece , harmoniously combined with the space and gives the feeling of a bygone era .
    Inside the village , prominent position held (and holds ) the Church Panagia Perivoliotissas , there is a private church, the Church St. Spyridon, and the church of St. Barbara , St. Nicholas and St. Vlassis.
    Unfortunately, the second world war, the church of St. Vlassis was completed destroyed, while in the church of St. Nikola, with the excellent frescoes, abandonment and the relentless time lead in disrepair.

    photos:  www.corfuvillage.com

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