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  • The first movement for the care of mentally ill began in Corfu in 1836 under the Commissioner Chovart Douglas , when Ionian Islands were under British occupation. To cover the cost of initial installation fundraiser collected by the sum of 600 pounds. But only in 1838 specifically the 4th of July started operating , published the first " Rules Insane Asylum " newspaper in the United State of the Ionian Islands on 07/02/1838 . The Foundation is housed in a building that belonged to the band of the barracks and fortifications suburb of St. Rocco and used as barracks Engineering. The Department of Psychiatric Hospital initially entrusted to the doctor of the English Guard Corfu . Because the number of food grew Address proceeded to rent new buildings in the suburbs and Garitsa Mantoukiou . In this form it worked until the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece , until the year 1864 , when received at the Greek government which assumed all of the costs of maintenance and operation thereof.

    The year 1880 due to the rapid increase in the number of psychopaths , paid by the then Chief Medical Christos Tsirigoti , attempts to extend the new building , which was completed only in the year 1904 .

    By royal decree on 01.11.1939 ( Official Gazette 22/A/1939 ) defined the Statute of the Agency 's Public Psychiatric Hospital of Corfu with a Psychiatric Clinic up to 650 beds, as well as estimated Radiology and Microbiology laboratory.

    The European Regulation 815 of 1984 provided the impetus for radical changes in the direction of overcoming asylum. The Regulation was decided that we need to secure economic aid Greek Republic for the construction, layout and equipment training centers one hand, and rehabilitation centers for persons suffering from mental illnesses and mental disabilities and , to vocational rehabilitation . With resources of Regulation 815/84 created the Day Hospital Unit Short Hospitalization and Training Center ( KEPE ) .

    In 1986 he joined the Psychiatric Health Service and redesigned the body resulting in the accurate determination of the fields of action. Thus in accordance with the provisions of A3v/oik . 19192/26.11.86 ( GG 816 V/86 ) the Psychiatric divided into three psychiatric clinics with a total power of 360 beds and established dental department.

    The 90 data in PSNK changing. The Psychiatric Reform actually required institutionalization of all chronic patients in various structures within society , within the community , next to our homes .

    In 1999 started the " PSYCHARGOS " , in which the A ' phase formed and operated under the supervision of the Psychiatric Hospital two hostels in Corfu for 24 patients , two training workshops for 45 mentally ill and VTC Mental Health .

    To 2006 after a long process of transformation and full implementation of Psychargos , the Psychiatric Hospital of Corfu passed into history , giving way to the "Community Services Network of Mental Health Corfu " .

    As a result of the long process of psychiatric reform was possible what seemed to some ideal , distant and unattainable : ' The final abolition of Asylum ' .

    0 major objective of decommissioning Asylum reached on October 10, 2006 , the day celebrated as International Day for Mental Health .


    Also, every Easter starts from there Epitaph Church St. Panteleimon the Great Friday at 16:30

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