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Paleokastritsa Village

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  • Paleokastritsa is a coastal village northwest of the town of Corfu and just south of the Byzantine castle Angelokastro. On the beach in Paleokastritsa bay there are many hotels and restaurants. Scholars argue that in Paleokastritsa was the capital of Phaeax and Nausicaa found Odysseus in this bay ( Paleokastritsa ) . But there have been archaeological monuments in this region in order to support this view .

    In the area you can visit the monastery of Paleokastritsa , located on the elevated gardens on the edge of the cape .

    The Paleokastritsa beach is famous for its cold waters.

    The paleokastritsa surrounded by many beautiful famous beaches and many of its hidden. The rare topography has resulted in the existence of hundreds of caves where attracts most tourists . You even visit this rare phenomenon only with the use of a vessel or vessels that have to hire locals . There is a boat that make day trips to the caves.




    project corfu video Palaiokastritsa Corfu
    project corfu video Caves of Palaiokastritsa / Σπηλιές της Παλαιοκαστρίτσας [CC]
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