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New Fortress - Fortress of Saint Mark

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  • The fort of San Marcos known as New Castle is located near the old port of Corfu.

    Its construction was started by the Venetians in 1577 and ended in 1588 with the walling of the city.
    The new fortress built with the latest then ochyrotikis art admirer fortress architecture preventing a maximum in 1716 the Ottoman Empire to conquer Corfu rescuing freedom of the Western world.
    Nowadays kept intact and the two impressive gates with the emblem of Venice and the Lion of Saint Mark and space houses the Museum of Kerkyra Ceramics since 1999. 

    The new fort was built by the Venetians in 1570 in order to further strengthen the defense of the city during the Turkish War VENICE . It has impressive gates and is the western boundary of the city.

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