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Museum Of Banknotes

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  • It is the only Museum of its kind, operating in Greece since 1981 and is one of the few in the world. Housed in, a specially constructed wing of the building of the first Bank in Greece (Ion). Includes a remarkable rare collection of coins, dies, printing photos and mock-ups. The impressive is that shows all the stages of production of banknotes, starting from the initial design and the production of paper, as their way of destruction in many kilns.  Among them stands out: the banknotes issued by the Bank from the Ion 1839 until 1920.

    Also, the first banknotes, which circulated in liberated Greece in 1831, Ioannis Kapodistrias, Government as well as the first notes released by the National Bank of Greece in 1840. Deserves to be seen and the collection of bank notes of the post-war period, coming from various countries of the world, including a Chinese banknote, which dates back to 1300 and is one of the oldest preserved at global level.

    Located in Heroes ' square.

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