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Municipal Gallery of Corfu

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  • The Municipal Gallery of Corfu began work in 1978 in the building of endowment Dalietoy. After it was transferred to the towering Palace sites of Saints Michael and George work the Gallery of the municipality of Corfu, which presented works of artists ' Paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries. At nine theaters, developed all the trends and the biggest names of painting of Corfu, aiming not only to captivate the Viewer, but much more to help him get to know the cultural tradition of the island, to penetrate through the painting in the soul of the inhabitants and acquire the Visual stimuli, allowing him to join in the magical environment of Corfu.

    Among the best-known of the Gallery's exhibits are: "The assassination of Kapodistrias" by Haralambos Pachis, "Markas" and "The Herd" by Angelos Giallinas, the "Sphinx" by Sp. Skarvelis, the "Fighter of the 1821 War" by Sp. Prossalendis, the "Arab Musician" by P. Prossalendis, the "Piano tuner" by G. Samartzis, works in which the main trends of 19th-century Greek art are connected. The tendencies prevailing in the works of the Corfiot painters 19th century are related to the academic style, but also show the influences exerted on the artists by Italian painting. Towards the end of the century, the artists' turn towards Impressionistic current sets the tone.

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