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Gerasimos Markoras

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  • Gerasimos Markoras (1826 - August 28, 1911) was a Greek poet, student of national poet Dionysios Solomos. It belongs to the "poets Solomonian' of the so called the" Ionian School ". Son of Corfiot judicial and scholar George Markora and Marina Vlassopoulou. He was born in Kefalonia and received his secondary education in Corfu. At the age of 23 he went to Italy and studied law. He continued his studies at the Ionian Academy from where he graduated and received his doctoral degree.

    Despite his studies in law, he was devoted to poetry. In 1864 he wrote the Greek Royal anthem in which the music was by Nikolaos Mantzaros. In 1875 he published his first poem titled "Vow" and in 1890 published his first poetry collection entitled "Poetic Works," which includes the "Oath". In 1898 followed by the collection of "Little Journey".

    Influenced by his teacher, in his poems there was melodic narrative and skillful operator of the municipal. He was naturalist and nationalist, something which strongly influenced his poetry. Along with Psychari, Palama, Karkavitsa and Polylas helped the enforcement of the demotic language and the regeneration of Modern Greek literature.

    He died in Corfu on August 28, 1911.

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