Lazaretto Islet is located at NW side of Corfu Town has an area of 70,000 square meters, is located two nautical miles from the city and is a property of the State (under the management of EOT). The island is a place of special beauty with thick and varied vegetation and of significant historical value.

The name of the Lazaretto (Lazzaretto) due to the use of the island as a quarantine station during the era of the Venetian era (early 16th century) in Corfu. In 1413 in Venice in a small island called Nazaretum (on the islet were the Church of Santa Maria di Nazaret) created the hospital infected by plague, aimed at limiting illness. The name Nazaretum, by year, parafrastike at Lazaretto. So they all went loimokathartiria that the Venetians in the European area (also called "Lazaretto" one encounters on islands in Ithaca and Zakynthos where there were loimokathartiria).

Lazareto rescued building remains In almost all phases of the history of the island. Specifically preserved Church of particular historical and architectural interest without the roof, two-storey building of compact brick section of the perimeter walls of the loimokathartirioy that was the wall of executions and the graveyard of about 200 executed with marble crosses, replacing earlier wooden, in two symmetrical formations.

Νησίδα Λαζαρέτο


  • The island had worked in the monastery at the time of the Venetian era (early 16th century)
  • Then it was used as a quarantine for four centuries until the early 20th century. because of its geographical location of Corfu, the Venetian Harbour, was very important for shipping and Commerce (for this reason named "key" of the Adriatic). The ships arrived in Corfu and in their journey had visited countries where he had shown plague or other infectious disease, paramenan at the Lazaretto for 40 days. During this time, if you were not a case, then only could reach the port city. In Corfu there were three officials responsible for health issues, who had the title of Pronoitwn of Ygeionomeioy. The two were elected by the City Council, while the third was head of Loimokathartirioy, appointed by health authorities of Venice. Health officials were working on the island, soldiers and religious workers, while there were the necessary premises. The House was renovated during the period of British rule and worked until the Union, as well as sporadically for some time in subsequent years when there was need.
  • During the period of Rwsotoyrkwn the Turks had installed there military hospital.
  • During World War II, the Italian occupation forces created there Greek Patriots concentration camp of resistance.
  • 1946-1949. during the period of the civil war the Lazaretto was the place where death row inmates who had been convicted under the tetamenoy climate of that era. About 200 people were executed and were buried in anonymous graves around the execution site. In accordance with the acts preserved in the municipality of Corfu written list 112 completed. For these reasons, the island has been declared a historic site.
  • Since 1976, executed death row survivors and relatives recommended the Club "Lazaretto" which cared for the settlement of space turning it into the realm of historical memory.