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Vido's Mausoleum

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  • During the First World War, the island of Corfu served as an island hospital and quarantine for sick Serbian soldiers following the epic retreat of the Serbian army and part of the civilian population through Montenegro and Albania in 1915 following the Austro-German-Bulgarian invasion of Serbia (see Serbian Campaign (World War I)). While the main camps of the recuperating army were on Corfu itself (a contingent was sent to Bizerte as well, and many of the civilian refugees were accepted by France), the sick and near-dying, mostly soldiers, were treated on Vido to prevent epidemics. In spite of Allied material help, the conditions of both the improvised medical facilities and many of the patients on the island resulted in a high fatality rate. Due to small area of the island and its rocky soil, it soon became necessary to bury the dead in the sea (by weighting the corpses with rocks to prevent them from floating). Over 5,000 people were buried at sea near the island of Vido.

    A monument of gratitude to the Greek nation was erected at Vido by Serbs in the 1930s.


    Visiting the island is a pleasant delight made ​​with regular transport boat from the old port.


    • Time of departure from the port of Corfu 10:00 a.m. to 9 pm every hour.

    • Time of departure from Vido 9:30 a.m. to 9.30 pm every half hour.

    Ticket Price 2 €

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