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The Dougla's Column

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  • Obelisk of Douglas, known as a " pillar of Dougla ‘, we meet at the confluence of the promenade Republic Avenue and the Alexandras Avenue.
    The English Baron Howard Douglas was Commissioner in Corfu from 1835 to 1841. He founded the Ionian University, founded the mental hospital and prison building. Build more roads also founded several charities, published the Ionians codes and telegraph worked. The state decided to honor him with a commemorative obelisk in Upper Square opposite the current location the statue of Kapodistrias, over N.A.O.K. In 1907 due to ground subsidence precipitated and moved there where he is today restored by contractor Andrew Sgouros.
    During the last war had been substantially damaged by the bombing but later restored. In 1956 and 1963 reconstructed the coastline of Garitsa in its current form, removed the railings that had extended curbs around the monument.
    On three sides of the base is mounted bronze reliefs, works Corfiot sculptor I. Kalosgouros. The sculptures represent: the island of Corfu, the other the crest of Douglas and the third the crown. On the fourth side, Greek inscription in archaic language chronicles his benefits, offered by the Commissioner in Corfu.

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