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Square Vrachlioti

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  • Square Vrachlioti is small paved square on the road Mich. Theotoky, where Sterna Vrachlioti copy corresponding Venetian. In this square takes place and the custom of "stepper" (cylindrical barrel or laundry tub), Easter, after the first resurrection, in the morning of Holy Saturday, after the custom of the famous "boots" with jug thrown from all the windows of the houses on the street. After the "boots" the action moves to the square Vrachlioti for "stepper". In this custom, the FAKINOU, porters of the old city, placed in a slated wooden barrel full of water and asked passersby to throw coins for wishes. After the first resurrection, the FAKINOU hunting to find someone and throw the barrel, which can be wetted, but in the end took all the coins that was in the barrel.

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