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  • In the center of this small square is a well. There the old time gathered Corfiots and took water . Also , for many years was the city's commercial center .

    Easter in 'Pinia' , the Agency Corfiot Activities (ESC ) has revived the old custom of " tubs " . Under the metal cone , gather FAKINOU , porters city , the Piniadoroi , who placed in the middle of the sidewalk a wooden barrel . The adorned with myrtle , Verdi and ribbons , put the water and they are scattered around the area , begging passersby , who this time was too many , to throw coins into the water for greetings . When approaching the time of the First Resurrection , are scattered on the street Piniadoroi , hunting to find someone to throw him into the barrel . This Mouskides rained the world around him , while passing bands . At the end came the drenched with laughter and joy and take the money that had been collected in the barrel.

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