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Philharmonic Society of Corfu

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  • The Philharmonic Society of Corfu ( also known as " Old Philharmonic ") was incorporated on September 12, 1840 and is the oldest organization of music in Greece . The original purpose of the founders was to create a full music AKA executioner , similar to those of neighboring Italy. In this way attempted to give a viable solution to a lingering problem, namely the lack of a full educational music school , which would offer Kerkyraeans music education , regardless of social class, age , sex and general education . It should be said that before the 1840 Corfu access to music education were either people who could cope with the financial costs of hiring a private music teacher or members of informal professional musicians guild of the island . The second was the only way through which one could obtain (semi ) professional music training.
    The founders of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu fully understand these weaknesses and to mark the refusal of the British government to allow from August 1837 to participate in religious ceremonies island's honorary military contingent - band and began organizing a standard musical organization. In frame one could establish music both on a practical level ( stringed and wind instruments , piano , vocal music ) and theoretical ( from basic theory to music composition and aesthetics ) . All of these provide students Philharmonic completely free from fully qualified teachers . The non-profit nature of the Foundation along with the level of education changed data of music education at the local level .

    During the 19th century and until the interwar years the artistic leadership of the institution had at times some of the major forms of music of modern Greece , for example Nicholas Mantzaros ( 1795-1872 ) , by Domenikos Padovanis ( 1817-1892 ) , Dionysius Rodotheatos (1849-1892) , Dimitrios Andronis (1866-1918) and Spyridon Dukakis ( 1886-1974 ) . All these came from Corfu and had significant studies in Italy or Germany . Many of the musicians of the Philharmonic had careers (and careers ) as composers , soloists , orchestra musicians and military bodies and musical conductors , and thus contributed to the shaping of art music in Greece in the 19th and 20th century .

    Despite the varied activities of the Philharmonic , the laofilestero of musical shape remains the band . First appeared in August 1841 and was originally the most popular musical whole. This protoapedose the Greek National Anthem in 1864 and this paianise during the Olympic Games of 1896 the " Olympic Hymn ". But the educational importance of the band continues to be significant . Even today hundreds of students coming into first contact with music through the free teaching of wind instruments and percussion instruments . Some even discover and musical talent , which leads them to eventually pursue a professional career in music. It should be noted that the standards of the band Philharmonic adopted occasionally by other similar shapes within and outside Corfu .
    Since the late 1990s, the Philharmonic Society of Corfu has launched a series of actions aimed at expanding the musical activities. Aside from the band , the Band retains most symphonic orchestra and has fully activate teaching strings and piano . The small band of also offers the opportunity for budding musicians to participate from an early age in a musical ensemble . Every year 100-150 new students enrolled in the schools to teach free music . Also , the new student hall hosts concerts and other musical events , while in 2009 there organized and musicological conferences . Finally , both the administrative and the audio file of the institution is now accessible to researchers while the Music Museum of the Philharmonic opened to the public in 2010.

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