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Monastery of Virgin Mary of Vlachernon (Vlacherena)

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Monastery of Virgin Mary of Vlachernon (Vlacherena) 360 panorama panoramic view
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  • In the Kanoni peninsula, south of the city, distinguished the small Monastery of Vlachernon which is connected to the mainland by a footbridge. In 1568 was first mentioned and in 1799 officially belonged to the family Halikiopoulou-Mantzarou. In 1822, indicated in the book of the German writer Ferdinand Grigoroviou. By 1980 functioned as a nunnery. The name Vlaherena or Vlaherna derived from Constantinople where was great monastery. The church is dedicated to Our Lady Vlaherna (or Vlachernon) and dates from the 17th century. It is a small church, white with tile roof and a belfry with triple storey spire. At the base of the belfry there is an arch from where one enters the courtyard of the monastery and then at the church. The interior of the temple bears carved chancel located next to the icon and the "Lady Vlaherna."

    The adoration of the Virgin Vlaherna is especially famous in Corfu, as is attested by the existence of numerous temples dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The monastery celebrates on July 2.

    Author: Niki Kalopaidi

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