Angela Downing
Angela Downing
vor 3 Jahre
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Traditional Taverna Ortholithi five stars rate by Angela Downing   5 / 5 Overall
Fun, food and a warm welcome.

Well worth the walk from the top of the village, we were welcomed by the family and seated in the comfortable restaurant area ready to enjoy our meal whilst the sun went down. We dined on kleftiko served in parcels decorated with a sprig of jasmine - it was very tasty. It was Greek Night :) the dancers and musicians were excellent! We clapped, tapped our feet and joined in with the singing! (And the dancing, after a glass or two of the very good wine!) We were thrilled to find that the new management have captured the magic which has brought us back to Agios Gordios so many times. Thanks for the fun! See you next time :)
vor 3 Jahre
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