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Ionian Parliament

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  • Neoclassical building which was constructed in 1855 by the architect John Chronis. The main entrance marble bearing inscriptions in Greek and English and mention the resolution of the Union with Greece .

    «In this building formely Parliament house the Union of the Ionian Islands with the Kingdom of Greece, by will of the Ionian people and with the consent of the protecting power Great Britain was voted by the Ionian Parliament on the 23 September 1863».

    Also, there is the statue of the last president of the Ionian Parliament, Stephanou Padoba (1807-1872)

    The house is made ​​of stone and wooden roof . Internally, there is a series of columns which support a loft . The windows are located on the sides of the building , at the height of the platform . After the union of the islands converted to the Anglican Church . During the Second World War will be damaged , but will be rebuilt in 1960 , but not in its original form.

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