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  • The Ionian Academy was the first university -level Greek commentaries modern age and the academy of the United States of the Ionian Islands . The building is located in the southwestern part of the Plaza Esplanade in Corfu. It is an imposing three-story building [1 ] which has a central entrance with a double stone staircase and overlooks the square and the Old Fortress. Originally built to be used as barracks . More specifically consisted of barracks and the barracks Grimani Correr, a name given in honor of General Pronoiton who contributed to the building .

    In 1824 founded the Ionian Academy , in particular building . It was the highest educational institution of Corfu with great generosity philhellene Englishman Earl Frederick North , Earl of Guildford and the Ionia State initiative . It was the first university in the history of modern Greek culture and originally comprised four faculties :

    • Legal
    • Theology
    • Medical
    • Philosophy

    Philosophy faculty taught extra lessons science and mathematics . Later , Reputation and the following schools :

    • Polytechnic
    • obstetrics
    • pharmacy

    Initially , due to the lack of teachers at the time, the Legal and Medical worked with a limited number of teachers not as boxes with appropriate persons . Theology and Philosophy faculty taught known scholars from both the previous and the subsequent action, such as Andreas Kalvos , Christopher Filitas , Constantine Asopios the Theocletos Farmakidis Neophytos NKJV , Peter Vrailas Armenian etc.



    source : wikipedia

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