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Church St. George (Old Fortress)

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  • The Church of St. George built in 1840 , in the Old Fortress , to meet the religious needs of the British soldiers who served in Corfu the period of English Protection ( 1814-1864 ) . For the construction of the church used materials from the ruined houses the surrounding area in 1865 , with the incorporation of Corfu in Greece , the Church of St. George, of the Anglican church turned into Orthodox , the inauguration of which took place on 21 March 1865 and the then bishop of Corfu , Athanasios Politis , dedicated to the Holy George , patron of Infantry somatos.Tote was adorned with the old chancel of the church of St. Spyridon , the work of eminent Cretan painter , Emmanuel Tzanne . The temple was donated by the family Voulgaris . The church is Georgian congregation can accommodate 4,000 worshipers . On the outside of six Doric columns supporting a triangular capstone . Internally, the form has changed because of the damage suffered during the Second World War . Initially two sets of columns divided the church into three parts by the basilica style . Above the columns rested the loft on three sides of the temple . . Like most churches of Corfu , in the church of St. George, was badly damaged by German bombing in the period of the Second World War ( 1943 ) .

    In this temple deposition residents of Parga pictures of churches of the city , when it was ceded by the British and the Commissioner Maitland Ali Pasha in 1819 , and many residents were accommodated in Corfu. The images were in the church of St. George until March 25, 1930, when the Metropolitan Athenagoras Corfu and later Ecumenical Patriarch of the procession through the city streets and handed over to Parga who returned to the city with the battleship " Averof" .

    The church of St. George is considered one of the largest in size of the city and belongs to the three-aisled basilica with a loft . The architecture and construction of the church was based on drawings of an English officer, engineer, Antony Emmet and evokes ancient Doric temple .

    The church of St. George operates only once a year , a day that celebrated the memory of St. George.

    Also, every Easter starts from there Epitaph Church St. George on Good Friday at 16:00

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