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Canal d’ Amour

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  • The "Canal d 'Amour" or " Channel of Love " is a beach of extraordinary beauty , which is located in a traditional village of Corfu , Sidari.

     Sidari is situated in northern Corfu and is a benchmark for every visitor . Located 32km from the city.
    It is one of the most popular resorts on the Ionian Sea and has a worldwide reputation , which has the famous white sculptured rocks and clear blue waters that make up an exotic backdrop .
    An array of sandy rocks rising from the sea and because of friction with the waves forming strange shapes .
    The rocks forming the channel of Love Corfu because of their fragile composition , allowed the passage of time in the sea , but basically the corrosive action of the wind , to make the " grooved " , thus digging channel underneath.
    Among them there is an underground path which one can walk or take a rest from swimming . Interestingly, and the bottom at this point , as there are several caves , which are a challenge for diving enthusiasts .
    The legend says that if a couple swim together in these waters will be together forever !
    It is worth noting that in Sidari excavated traces of Neolithic settlement Epochispou dating from 3000 BC and according to the evidence so far is the oldest of the island .


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